#24, Plays For LA Lakers, Retiring After 2016, Nicknamed "Black Mamba" Shooting Guard, 81 Pts in a game
Kobe Bryant
#13, Plays for the Indiana Pacers, 6 for 9 inches tall, Small forward, Eastern conference
Paul George
Plays for the Cleveland Cavaliers, and is referred to as "The King." #23 Jersey number, and #7 on all time scoring list
Lebron James
#7 for the New york Knicks, Power forward, and he attended Syracuse college
Carmelo Anthony
Plays for the Mimi Heat, Eastern conference, He plays as a guard and attended Marquette
Dwayne Wade
#35, Plays for the OKC Thunder, 2014 MVP
Kevin Durant
#2, San Antonio Spurs, Famous for his Cornrows
Kawhi Leonard
#30, GS Warriors, Back-to-back MVP, 2015 Champ, Guard
Stephen Curry
#7, Guard, Attended Villanova University, Plays for the Toronto Raptors
Kyle Lowry
OKC Thunder, Guard, Attended UCLA, #0
Russel Westbrook
The canadian sports complex where the all star game is played every year
Air Canada Centre

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