a figure formed by 2 rays
A quadrilateral with two pairs of parallel sides
lines that interset at 90 degree angles
Perpendicular lines
A quadrilateral with four congruent sides
A quadrilateral with four right angles
an angle that measures more than 0 but less than 90 degrees
acute angle
two angles whose measres have a sum of 90 degrees
Complementary angles
Pythagorean Theorem
two figures have same shape but not necessarily the same size
3 sided polygon
a segment whose endpoints lie on a circle
an angle whose vertex is on a circle and whose sides contain chords of the circle
Inscribed angle
The setpoints in a plane that are a fixed distance from a given point called the cener of the circle
3 Dimensional figure with a circular base and a curved surface connects the base
The distance along an arc measured in linear units
Arc length
any number that can be written as a+bi
Complex number
a set of coordinate axes the horizontal axis is the real axis & vertical axis is the imaginary axis
Complex plane
the complex conjugate of any complex number a+bi,denoted a+bi,is a - bi
Complex Conjugate
the unit in the imaginary number system
imaginary unit
the square root of a negative number written in the form bi
imaginary number
a polynomial with two terms
a polynomial with one term
a polynomial with three terms
processs of writing a # or algebraic expression as a product
an equation that can be written in form ax(2)+bx+c=0
Quadratic equation
a line that divides a plane figure or a graph into two congruent
axis of symmetry
a segment whose endpoints are the center of a cirlce and a point on the cirlce

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