Men and women who had been slaves.
A government pardon.
Laws that severely limited the rights of freedmen.
Someone that wants to make dramatic changes in society.
To bring formal charges of wrongdoing against an elected official.
Another word for small, scruffy horses.
Name for a northerner who came to the south after the Civil War to look for personal gain.
Person who farms on land owned by another person in return for crops.
Required voters to pay a fee each time they voted.
Required voters to read and explain a section of the Constitution.
Law that excused voters to have to take literacy tests if their grandfather was eligible to vote on January 1st, 1867.
Separating people of different races in public places.
Refers to the rebuilding of the South after the Civil War.
Lincoln's plan for reconstruction after the Civil War.
Became the 17th president after Lincoln was assassinated.
The group that led the opposition to President Johnson.
Banned slavery throughout the entire nation.
Forbade any state to deny African Americans the right to vote.
White southern farmers formed this group, also known as the KKK.
The supreme court ruled that segregation was legal as long as there were equal facilities for black and whites.
The illegal seizure and execution of someone by a mob.
Granted citizenship to all persons born in the United States.
The man that shot and killed President Lincoln.
This bureau gave food, water and clothing to former slaves.

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