rounded and hollow rock often lined with mineral crystals
common minerals that make up most of the rocks in Earth's crust
Rock-forming minerals
particles of minerals or other rocks
look and feel of a rock's surface
rock formed when magma cools or hardens
igneous rock
formed through a series of processes
sedimentary rock
rock formed by other rocks
metamorphic rock
igneous rock formed when lava cools and hardens
extrusive rock
igneous rock formed when magma cools or hardens
intrusive rock
small and solid pieces of material that comes from rocks or living things
process that breaks down rock and other things
process that moves weathered material
sediment settles out of the wind or water carrying it
presses sediment tightly together
dissovled minerals crystallize and form rocks
sedimentary rock formed by rock fragments squeezed together
clastic rock
sedimentary rock formed by remains of plants and animals
organic rock
sedimentary rock formed when minerals dissolved in a water solution crystallize
chemical rock
term used to describe metamorphic rocks that have layered graines
a series of processes that occur on Earth's surface and in the crust and mantle that changes rocks slowly
rock cycle

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