the action or process of moving or being moved
a push or pull on an object
push or pull applied by one object to another object that is touching it
contact force
a force that pushes or pulls an object without touching it
noncontact force
the contact force that resists the sliding motion between two objects that are touching
a noncontact attractive force that exists between all objects that have mass
when the net force of an object is 0N
balanced forces
when the net force acting on an object is not 0N
unbalanced forces
the tendancy in an object to resist a change in motion
an object in motion stays in motion and an object in rest stays at rest unless acted upon by an unbalanced force
Newtons first law
the acceleration of an object equals the net force exerted on the object divided by the mass of the object
Newtons second law
one object exerts a force on a second objest which then pushes with the same force in the opposite direction of the first object
Newtons third law
when two objects exert forces on each other
force pair
a measure of change in velocity during a period of time
the difference between the initioal position and the final position of an object that has moved
the amout of space that an object has traveled
the rate at which an object is moving
the speed of something in a given direction
the sum of all forces acting upon an object
net force
a basis or standard for evaluation, assessment, or comparison
reference point