The first battle of the Civil War
Fort Sumpter
The election where the Democratic party split over slavery
election of 1860
the battle of the Civil war that killed over 50,000 peolpe
Battle of Gettysburg
The battle when the U.S gains control of Mississippi
Battle of Vicksburg
When the federal government lost some of its power
States Rights
A speech by Lincoln at the dedication of the Gettysburg Cemetery
Gettysburg Address
The person killed president Lincoln
John Wilkes Booth
Got rid if slavery in the U.S
13th Amendment
Whites who got political offices after the Civil War
The 16th President of the U.S
Abraham Lincoln
Confederate president of the United States
Jefferson Davis
Commander of the Confederate Army during the Civil War
Robert E Lee
People from the north who moved to the south right after the Civil War
The person who led the troops to the Bull Run
Stonewall Jackson
Forced the surrender at the battle of Vicksburg
Ulysses S Grant