one of the leading causes towards he increase amount of non-point solution
example of point source solution
the source of pollution can be directly seen
leading cause of run-off
movement of water through soil and rock
can not directly see where the pollution is coming from
agricultural practices placing pesticides and it running off into groundwater
example of non-point source pollution from waterways
reaction of sunlight, nitrogen oxides, and VOCs; point source appears gray
photochemical smog
nonpoint pollutant refering to the outflow of acidic water from mines
acid mine drainage
2012 oil spill in the gulf of mexico on BP operated ship
deep water horizon
hazardous chemicals that had been buried in a canal, leaked into people's property and school yards
love canal
extremely damaging substance to human blood
carbon monoxide
wet/dry deposits of secondary pollutants onto earth surfaces
acid deposition
brown haze composed of sulfur dioxide, sulfuric acid, and suspended particles
industrial smog
pollution of water through air pollution
atmospheric depostion
river in India polluted by trash and untreated sewage
mercury dumped in a body of water in Japan, leading to mental impairment, birth defects and death in humans
minamata bay
nations agree to cut CFC productionin half to recover ozone
montreal protocol
the process by which something becomes impure, defiled, dirty, or otherwise unclean