Who were the people who changed economy?
Industrial Leaders
What is a protest to change something called?
What is a fight that breaks out called?
What amendment states the direct election of senators?
What US president was the leader of the Rough Riders?
Theodore Rooselvelt
Where was the first major battle of the Spanish American War?
San Juan Hill
What is a build up of military strength in a country called?
A formal agreement between two nations to defend one another is called what?
What is a secret agreement between two nations called?
What is it called when one nation believes they are better than another?
What group of soldiers was poor and weren't given much credit?
Buffalo Soldiers
What place is 90 miles off the coast of Florida?
Who gathered arms, money and men in New York
Jose Marti
What was the USS Maine?
Battle Ship
Who took over the Ottoman?
The Young Turks
What continent developed the Tsars Tank?
What is it called when people are systematically exterminated?
Who technologically advanced submarines?
What is non involvement in world affairs called?
What is it called to create a large empire by exercising?
A country that is controlled and protected by another one is called what?
What is it to promote one country's interests or national security?
What do you call it when one country uses another's laws or government?
Common Wealth
What is it to work with other countries to influence world affairs?
Collective Security
What is it called to follow a set of rules while interacting with others?
Foreign Policy
What year was Franz Ferdinand assassinated?
Where were the terrorists who assassinated Franz Ferdinand from?
Who first declared war against Serbia after Franz Ferdinand died?
What leader in the US didn't want war?

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