A law that Established a Federal Civil Rights Commission.
Civil Rights Act Of 1957
An African American semstress who would Not give up her seat on a bus to a white person
Rosa Parks
A leading figure when it comes to Civil Rights (Chief Justice)
Earl Warren
A baptist minister who helped lead the Civil Rights Movement
Martin Luther King Jr
A movement of young Civil Rights activist founded in 1960
A protest between blacks and whites to ban segregation on the interstate busses
Freedom Ride
Over 200,000 people rallied for Economic Equality and Civil Rightd because of Discrimination
March on Washington
Discrimination was outlawed in public places and for enployment
Civil Rights Act of 1964
Try to register African American voters in Mississippi
Freedom Summer
A religious organization that advocated seperation of the race held by African Americans
Nation of Islam
A movement that urged African Americans to use collective political and economic power to gain equal power
Black Power
An organization of militant that African Americans were found in
Black Panthers