mass of ocean water that flow from one place to another
Ocean Current
a horizontal movement of ocean water that is caused by wind and that occurs at or near the ocean's surface
Surface Current
large whirls of water within an ocean basin
the deflection of currents away from their origional course due to earth rotation
Coriolis Effect
is the rising of cold water from deeper layers to replace warmer surface water
are vertical currents of ocean water that result from density differences among water masses
Density Current
the vertical distance from the crest of a wave to the trough
Wave Height
the distance (measured in the direction of propagation) between two points in the same phase in consecutive cycles of a wave(horizontal)
the time it takes one full wave, one wave length, to pass a fixed position
Wave Period
the distance that the wind has traveled across open water
changes in elevation of the ocean surface
difference in height between succesive high and low tides
Tidal Range
tides that have the greastest tidal range due to the alignment of the earth-moon-sun system
Spring Tides
lowest tidal range occurring near the times of the first quarter and third quarter phases of the moon
Neap Tides
accumulation of sediment found along the shore of a lake or ocean
the bending of waves so that they move nearly parallel to the shoreline
Wave Refraction
a water current that travels near and parallel to the shoreline
Longshore Current
low, narrow, sandy islands that form offshore from a coastline.
Barrier Islands

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