The movement of youth and the middle class from rural areas to more urban areas.
Rural Flight
A model of local government based on market principles wherein a metro area is made up of a series of micropolitical jurisdictions that, on the basis of their services and costs, attract or repel certain citizens.
Tiebout Model
A model of politics that views governments and public services in market terms
Public Choice Model
The physical rehabilitation of urban areas.
The legal incorporation of one jurisdiction or territory into another.
A charter that grants powers, such as home rule, to all municipal governments.
General Act Charter
A charter that grants powers, such as home rule, to a single municipal government.
Special Act Charter
An election in which city or county voters vote for council or commission member.
At-Large Election
A populous region typically comprising a city and surrounding communities that have a high degree of social and economic integration.
Metropolitan Area
Office and retail complexes without clear boundaries
Edgeless Cities