A polynomial expression with two terms is a _______.
A polynomial expression with three terms is a _______.
The _____ is given by the term with the largest exponent.
Degree of a Polynomial
The line through the vertex of a parabola divides the parabola into two congruent halves is called the ______.
Axis of Symmetry
The part of the complex number containing only real numbers is called ________.
Real Part
Is the U-shaped curve/graph of a quadratic function
____ is an algebraic method for solving systems of linear equations in which you add or subtract the two equations to eliminate a variable.
Elimination Method
The ______ is the region of space enclosed or bounded by the constraints in a linear programming problem.
Feasible Region
______ is an algebraic method for solving systems of linear equations in which you substitute one equation into the other equation to find one variable.
Substitution Method
_____ is data with two variables, such as year and number of visitors.
Bivariate Data
A ______ is a group of graphs/functions that display one or more similar characteristics.
Family of Graphs
An equation whose graph is not a straight line (linear) is a _______.
Nonlinear Equation
The graph of a reciprocal function form a _______.
______ is a line that a graph of a function approaches but never touches or crosses.
The ______ is the nonzero constant rate of change in a variation function, k.
Constant of Variation
______ is the size of the matrix listed as rows by columns.
Dimensions of a Matrix
A system of equations is an ______ if it has no solutions.
Inconsistent System
A _____ is a set of two or more inequalities with the same variables.
System of Inequalities
A logarithm with the base of 10 is called a _______.
Common Logarithms
A ______ is an equation that contain one or more logarithms.
Logarithmic Equations
_____ is interest paid on the principal of an investment and any previously earned interest.
Compound Interest
_____ is a set of all points in a plane such that the sum of the distance from two fixed points is constant.