In an autopsy what is the shape of the incision that begins the body dissection?
An ________ is the examination of a body and each of its parts also means "to see for oneself."
In the _________ autopsy method the whole organ systems are removed
What is it called when you take your last or dying breath?
What is it called when blood settles in the lower portion of the body and causes a purplish discoloration of the skin?
What do we call the test that records heart activity?
What do we call the test that's records electrical activity of the brain?
When someone is murdered by suffocation it is called _____
The depletion of which chemical in the body contributes to rigor mortis?
A witness who can demonstrate a particular skill or has knowledge in a trade or profession that can assist the court in determining the truth is known as an _________ .
What is the written record of all of the people who have had possession of the evidence including date and signature called?
Which search technique would be best for investigating an explosion?
What is created when one object is pressed against another material with force?
What does DNA stand for?
The rungs that form the middle of the DNA molecule are made up of pairs of ______________.

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