What did we stop and buy our wedding night?
Where did we stay our wedding night?
Hampton Inn
What hit you in the head as we were leaving our reception?
Who threw the thing that hit you in the head?
Sam Cartmill
Where was our first date?
The Hop
What was the first movie we saw together?
The Notebook
Where did we exchange numbers?
Who was responsible for us getting together?
What state did we honeymoon in?
Who's yard was our first makeout session in?
The Maxwells
Where did you first tell me you loved me?
What did we drive to our reception?
Brown Truck
What song did you hear on the way to the church?
White Wedding
What was thrown as we were leaving our reception?
Bird Seed
Where was our official first date?
Broadway At the Beach
What was the first Christmas present you gave me?
Heart Bracelet
What was the first Christmas gift I gave you?
Blue Stripped Shirt
Where did we eat the morning after our wedding?
Waffle House
What car did we drive on our honeymoon?
What was memorable about our first night home?
No Power
What was the resturant we ate at on our first official date?
Where did we makeout the most when we were dating?