collect taxes
levy taxes
first document to limit the power of the government
magna carta
cruel and oppressive government
two houses
supreme authority over a piece of land
carries out federal laws
Executive Branch
approve treaties
legislative branch
its powers include interpreting the constitution
Judicial Branch
the market value of all final goods and services produced in a country in a year
the interest rate the federal reserve charges member bank for loans
discount rate
insures bank accounts
market, scales, reports
economic indicators
control the supply of money and cost of credit to influence the economy
Monetary Policy
government's use of spending and taxation to influence the economy
fiscal policy
states are responsible for education
the executive branch enforces the laws
the senate can impeach the president
you have the right to free speech
soldiers are not allowed to be placed in your homes
limited government
the 19th amendment gave the right to vote to women
popular sovereignty

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