What did Amir decide to do when he was witnessing his best friend , Hassan getting raped?
What is the name of the most evil villain in all Shakespeare?
How old was Mariam when she was forced to be married?
What was the name of one of Shakespeare's famous stories, where two star crossed lovers kill themselves/
What sport did Amir and Hassan enjoy doing in Kabul?
What was Othello accused with when Brabantio found out that his daughter Desdamona went and got married without his consent?
What day of the week did Jalil come to visit Mariam?
Who did Romeo kill for him to get banished?
The color of the kite that Amir had Hassan run and get.
Who paid Iago to win Desdamona's love?
What was the name of the movie that Mariam wanted her father to take her to go see
What was the name of the platoon leader that the boys beat up in AQTF
What war was being fought in All Quiet on the Western Front?

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