My speed can out fly Superman, what am I?
I break the sound barrier but I cannot fly in cities.
Without my wings I wouldn't be able to soar but there's typically two more things I need to get me up there.
Plane Turbines
I'm smaller than the previous answer (3 across) but i'm faster and I carry less people.
There are three types of ways of flying on a plane Economy, Business, and what's the third?
When I am up in the air what's the one most important thing to know? Where your " ___________" is located.
Oxygen Mask
I'm a huge manufacturer in Quebec and I now make top of the line business aircrafts.
A short ax with a large blade refers to a "nickname" that was given to me by the English Language.
A silly nickname that was given to me by the English is what?
I can secretly spy on things without making a single obvious sound, my altitude can be over 2,000 feet.