The port where the story Master Harold takes place.
Port Elizabeth
Paul Baumer's old platoon leader at basic's camp, had the reputation of being the strictest disciplinarian in the camp.
A system of racial segregation in South Africa.
What was the name of the city were Amir grew up with Hassen?
What is the name of Laila's first child?
The name of the young soldier who died in the hospital at the beginning of All Quiet on the Western Front?
The first person out of Paul's platoon to receive Kemmerich's boots.
A word used in Master Harold to describe a friend or brother.
Hassen's weapon of choice.
What was the head piece that Rasheed wanted Mariam to wear outside of the house called?
What was the Major that Amir chose to do in college?
What object did Mariam and Laila hide in gound in the backyard to keep away from the Taliban?
What disease crippled Ali when he was a child that caused him to have a bad leg?
Who came into power after the Soviets left?
What killed Paul Baumer at the end of All Quiet on the Western Front
The island that Pi landed on was what kind of island?
What kind of bird did Paul and Katczinsky kill, cook and eat together?
How many legs did Tariq have?
Where in Italy did the play Othello take place?
What was Iago's rank?
In Life of Pi which animal on the boat died first?
What ethnicity was the soldier that Paul killed in the pit in All Quiet on the Western Front?
What kind of fruit grew on the tree that Hassen and Amir would play under?
What was the name of the orangutan in Life of Pi?
How many children did Jalil have all together?
What was a new weapon of war introduced in WWI that required soldiers to carry around gas masks?
What was the one kind of belief that Pi could not stand?
What island requested help from the Duke of Venice for war against the Ottomen's in Othello?
What object did Mariam use to kill Rasheed with?
What linked Kite Runner and A Thousand Splendid Suns?

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