He declared Veitnam's independence and became the first preedent of the republic in 1945
Ho Chi-Minh
this person sent over 500,000 troops to fight in the Veitnam war. He was also the 36th president of the U.S.
Lyndon B. Johnson
This man was a Anti-Communist that kiiled and imprisoned several Buddhists
Ngo Dinh Diem
A confict of words and ideas between nations rather than armies
Cold War
What was another name for tha Veitnam war
Second Indochina War
What was the war know as in Veitnam
who was the Army of the Republic of Vietnam's alliance in the war
U.S military
About 50,000 Veitnam Cidicens moved from South Veitnam to ________Veitnam.
Who was the U.S. Presedent in the Veitnam war
The NVA foght a more _______ war
what month did the Veitnam war begin
what month did the veitnam war end
About 58,000 __________ were kiled in the veitnam war
In 1975 communest forces took control of _______.
What battle took place in may 10-20
Hambuger Hill
Ngo Dinh Diem became presedent of what?
Saigon is the capital of ________
South Veitnam
What was formed in December 1960
What operation wasperfomedin "happy Vally"
Taut Bow
What operation happend on 3 June- 1 July
Tennessee Pride