The name of the animal that is hunted/eaten.
A community of living and non- living organisms.
A living factor in an environment.
Biotic Factor
A synonym of autotroph. A plant is an example.
This happens when fertilizer gets in a body of water.
The ________ eats the prey.
A non- living factor in an environment.
Abiotic Factor
A synonym of heterotroph. An example is a hawk.
Conditions that limit the population growth.
Limiting Factors
The maximum amount of poplutaion an enviroment can hold.
Carrying Capacity
The differance or variety in an ecosystem.
Producers are on the first _______ level.
The total mass of organsims in an area can be shown on a ______ pyramid.
The diagram that shows energy flow in an environment.
Energy Pyramid
The trapping of sun rays in the Earth's atmosphere.
Greenhouse effect
The gases that contribute to the Greenhouse effect.
Greenhouse gases

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