California Gold Rush Crossword

He was the first to find gold
The news of gold saturated the country, people from near and far traveled in search of tapping into the riches of gold! People left high paying jobs to mine for gold, it eventually became known as….
The easiest way to discover gold in the sand
Name for the people who panned for gold
Long wooden frames used for searching through large amounts of gravel and soil
What percent of the miners were men
These were used for shelter by the minors
A disease that spread from the dirty water and living conditions.
This man’s entrepreneurial path started by selling canvas tents to the prospectors. This then led to a hired seamstress to help miners sew knees of pants that had worn out from a hard days work. The canvas was switched to denim.
How much gold was harvested by 1960 in California
State where THIS gold rush took place
What year did the California gold rush take place?
Conflict arose with the _____ when the settlers approached California
People who went to California looking for Gold in 1849
These grew near all the major mining sites. Eventually a bunch of restaurants, hotels, and other places were built in order to accommodate the miners.
Where gold was first discovered in 1848; marked the beginning of the Gold Rush
Steamships and railroads were used as _______ during the gold rush
What two things were miners forced to create when they arrived in California
What could a miner do if he felt mistreated by a group of miners?
A large migration of people to a newly discovered gold field
A soft yellow malleable ductile metallic element that California miners were in search for
Who was the president of America during the California gold rush?
The act of searching for precious minerals in the earth
A seam-like deposit containing metallic ore
A lump or mass of gold
A descriptive phrase used by a miner who strikes gold
The first migrants to arrive were those from lands accessible by _____.
The Gold Rush undoubtedly sped up California’s admission to the Union as the ___state.
By the end of the decade, California’s population was_______.
California officially became a US state because of what compromise?

The Industrial Revolution and Westward Expansion Crossword

The Industrial Revolution and Westward Expansion Crossword

Memorized the plans of the British spinning machine and brought it to America
Inventor of the cotton gin
Built the first American power loom and began textile factories
This invention helped American industry but also caused an increase in slavery
This inventor made a new plow using an old steel saw
________________ parts made repairs to machinery much easier
In 1811, this linked the East with the West
Travel over land or water became easier with the _______ engine
The first steam boat was invented by ______
Clinton's Ditch was a nickname for this
The Erie Canal brought great growth to this city
The steam locomotive was nicknamed _________
In 1834 this man made himself president of Mexico
A main reason American settlers wanted to separate from Mexico was the issue of
The Texas army took over this fort, but was then badly defeated by theMexican Army
A successful Texas general and first president of the Republic of Texas
Texas became a U.S. state under this president
The U.S. claimed that the Mexican-American border should be here
This war lasted from 1846-1848
The treaty of ___________ ended the war
Many people traveled this route to the west
One religious group that moved West to avoid persecution
Many people moved to Oregon Territory for this
The 1948/49 movement west is often called this
Person to discover gold in California
Prices of goods and services are determined by supply and
Women's skills such as ____________ were in high demand
Mrs. Vander Ploeg's favorite student

American History Chapter 13 Crossword

American History Chapter 13 Crossword

Whom did Texas choose as their president after they won independence from Mexico? 363
Which philosophy meant that the United States was meant to extend its boundaries all the way to the pacific? 364
President Polk used a Mexican attack on ___________ forces to declare war on Mexico. 368
Florida could not become a _________ _________ until a free state joined the Union. 360
__________ __________ made huge profits during the California Gold Rush. 373
What president approved the annexation of texas? 363
Discoveries made in California more than doubled the world's supply of this item. 373
Mountain Men made their living as _________. 355
The capture of ________ _____ was the final step in President Polk's plan to defeat Mexico. 369
This man took over the Mormon Church after Joseph Smith's death. 374
The Mormon's migrated to was present day state? 375
The Cayuse massacred this missionary group after they acidently gave the Cayuse measles. 356
The defenders of the Alamo played an important role in the fight for the ___________ of Texas. 362
Gold was discovered at ___________ _______ in 1848. 371
Which president refused Tesans' request for annexation? 363
The main route that settlers took through the Rocky Mountains to Oregon was called the _____ Pass. 357
One of Joseph Smith's basic beliefs was that _________ should be held in common. 374
The Texan forces at the Alamo were ___________. 362
What was the last country to challenge the United States for control of Oregon? 355
Joint ________ allowed people from both Britain and the United States to settle in Oregon Country.
The California ____ ____ beginning in 1849, had a long-lasting effect on California's economy. 371
Those who arrived in California in 1849 were called _____________. 371
O'Sullivan declared it was America's "_________ ________ to overspread and to possess the whole of the continent which Providence has given us." 358
Mexicans who claimed Texas as ther home were called _________. 361
Citizens known as ______________ formed committees to protect themselves. 373

Klondike Gold Rush Crossword

Klondike Gold Rush Crossword

who found the gold?
how many prospectors were there?
how many prospectors arrived?
how many people found gold?
Where did they find the gold?
How did they find the gold?
what was rabbit creek renamed?
Mounted police were sent to keep things in order who was in charge?
When did the Klondike gold rush end?
which water routes did most people take to get to the gold?
While traveling to Klondike how much food did the prospectors bring?
Dawson city gained a population of....
where is the Klondike region located?
a new city arose where the Klondike and Yukon rivers meet, what is it called?
how many people were left stranded in Skagway?
When did the Klondike gold rush start?
Many of the prospectors left the Yukon because gold was discovered somewhere else, where was it?
Dawson city lost its population because of....

Manifest Destiny Crossword

Manifest Destiny Crossword

belief in the United States that its settlers were destined to expand across North America
gold was found by James W. Marshall at Sutter's Mill in Coloma, California
used the term "manifest destiny" in 1845 to promote the annexation of Texas and the Oregon Country to the United States
William Becknell and five other men began their journey Westward from Franklin, Missouri to New Mexico
traveled on the Santa fe Trail from Missouri to New Mexico
key to the nation’s health according to Thomas Jefferson
purchased the territory of Louisiana from the French government
Mexico lost nearly half of its territory, the present American Southwest from Texas to California; U.S. became a continental power.
negotiated Webster-Ashburton Treaty
route over which settlers traveled to Oregon
discovered in California in 1848
Maine vs.Canada
president during Manifest Destinty
when people from two countries occupy and settle a territory
to take control of
After the Texan victory at the Battle of San Jacinto, Santa Anna is captured and recognizes Texas as independent
as a result of the treaty, the U.S. annexed present-day New Mexico, Colorado, Arizona, Utah, Nevada, and California
to give land over to another country

THE WESTWARD EXPANSION: Solve the puzzle to recieve your GOLD. Crossword

THE WESTWARD EXPANSION: Solve the puzzle to recieve your GOLD. Crossword

After Jefferson's _______ _______, American more than doubled in size.
_________ _____ ________ were the first explorers to travel out West after the Louisiana Purchase. Upon their return, more Americans began to travel west.
One reason Americans traveled out west was in hopes to escape __________ persecution.
Another reason Americans traveled out west because they heard that there were better opportunties and ________ was plentiful, affordable, and not crowded.
The pioneers traveled in wagons pulled by __________.
The pioneers traveled down the Santa Fe, Oregon, and California Trails, which were soon known as the _________ ___ ____ _______ because these were the most widely used trails while traveling west.
Some people traveled West in search of gold after it was discovered in California in 1848. This created what was known as the _________ ______ _______.
_________ _________ was a belief that the natural outcome was for Americans to expand and settle the continent.
The ________ _______ of 1862 offered 160 acres of land in the West to citizens who were willing to farm it for at least five years.
The ________ _______ _______ _______ of 1850 allowed single men to purchase 320 acres of land and married men to purhcase 640 acres of land. This was the first law that allowed women and Native Americans to hold land in their name.
Pioneers experienced many dangers and hardships when traveling out west. Some of these included attacks by wild animals and hostile _________ ________ who resented the pioneers for coming into and settling in their territory.

California Gold Rush Crossword

California Gold Rush Crossword

the main vein of ore in a deposit
sawmill where gold was found, beginning the gold rush
the act of extracting ores or coal from the Earth
town in California where gold was first found
area that undergoes rapid economic and population growth
gold rush participant
seizing another's claim of land, especially for mineral rights
one of the most valuable minerals
the person who discovered gold in California
a cry of joy or satisfaction when one discovers something
31st State in the US
container used to separate gravel from gold

The Australian Gold Rush Crossword

The Australian Gold Rush Crossword

The ____________ Stockade
People that are from China
Type of mining tool
People that came from other countries to Australia to mine for gold
Used to find Gold in creeks and rivers
Miners didn't want to ge caught without this
People that found a lot of fortune were very
Another name for a miner
The first person to find Gold
What miners slept in
They used ___________ to keep warm
If you got caught you would get a
tool used for digging

The Westward Expansion Crossword

The Westward Expansion  Crossword

large farms owned by speculators who hired laborers to work the land; these large farms allowed their owners to benefit from economies of scale and prosper, but they did nothing to help small family farms, which continued to struggle
a frontier home constructed of dirt held together by thick-rooted prairie grass that was prevalent in the Midwest; sod, cut into large rectangles, was stacked to make the walls of the structure, providing an inexpensive, yet damp, house for western settlers
Sod houses were common in the ________ as settlers moved west
This phrase, which implies divine encouragement for territorial expansion
allowed any head of household, or individual over the age of twenty-one—including unmarried women—to receive a parcel of 160 acres for only a nominal filing fee.
a term used to describe African Americans who moved to Kansas from the Old South to escape the racism there western settlers: The first houses built by __________ were typically made of mud and sod with thatch roofs
Farmers also faced the ever-present threat of _______and farm foreclosure by the banks
primary goal of most western settlers
he period between 1848 and 1849 when prospectors found large strikes of gold in California, leading others to rush in and follow suit; this period led to a cycle of boom and bust through the area, as gold was discovered, mined, and stripped
the first significant silver find in the country, discovered by Henry T. P. Comstock in 1859 in Nevada
this armed conflict between cowboys moving cattle along the trail and ranchers who wished to keep the best grazing lands for themselves occurred in Clay County, Texas, between 1883 and 1884
What specific types of hardships did an average American farmer not face as he built his homestead in the Midwest?
The American cowboy owes much of its model to what other culture?
Which of the following was not a primary method by which the American government dealt with American Indians during the period of western settlement?
an attempt to disarm a group of Lakota Sioux Indians near Wounded Knee, South Dakota, which resulted in members of the Seventh Cavalry of the U.S. Army opening fire and killing over 150 Indians
the process by which an Indian was “redeemed” and assimilated into the American way of life by changing his clothing to western clothing and renouncing his tribal customs in exchange for a parcel of land
What brought the majority of Chinese immigrants to the U.S.?
How were Hispanic citizens deprived of their wealth and land in the course of western settlement?
were individual prospectors who sifted gold out of the dirt and gravel through “panning” or by diverting a stream through a sluice box
provided a quick path from Texas to railroad terminals in Abilene, Wichita, and Dodge City, Kansas, where cowboys would receive their pay.
also known as “devil’s rope”
who brought their families west?
many of the long-trail cattle riders were?
This agreement established distinct tribal borders, essentially codifying the reservation system
. Rather, they either returned to tribal life or fled out of fear of remaining troops, until the ____________ arrived in greater numbers and began to exterminate Indian

California Gold Rush Crossword

California Gold Rush Crossword

Sutter's Mill was located here
The man who first found gold at Sutter's Mill was James ____________.
City that exploded in population during the Gold Rush
Nickname for a small city that explodes in population
These pants were popular among miners because they were tough
Nickname for those who rushed to California when gold was discovered
Year gold was discovered
Gold sinks to the bottom of a mining pan because it's ___________ than sand and rocks.
You'd be worth $2 million if you were made of gold and weighed 80 ________.
Sam ________________ ran around telling everyone that gold had been discovered at Sutter's Mill.
Gold was discovered 50 miles from _______________.
A person who starts his or her own business is called an ______________.

The Australian Gold Rush Key Terms Crossword

The Australian Gold Rush Key Terms Crossword

The first person to find Gold in Australia
A phrase shouted when someone found gold
People who came from other countries to mine for gold
A tool used to find gold in creeks and rivers
Tool used for digging
Miners didn't want to get caught without a...
Another name for a miner
People that are from China
What miners slept in
Before becoming a nation, Australia was made up of...
A place where people established a community
What town was gold first discovered in Australia
When did the first gold rush occur in Australia. 185__ (in words)
The gold rush boosted Australia's __________ (wealth)
A large amount of money or assets
The process of searching and digging for gold
A district or area in which miners continue to search for gold
Most common meat eaten at the goldfields
A small gold piece was often called a gold _______
Most common measurement unit used when weighing gold
Another word for panning