He was the first to find gold
James Marshall
The news of gold saturated the country, people from near and far traveled in search of tapping into the riches of gold! People left high paying jobs to mine for gold, it eventually became known as….
Gold Fever
The easiest way to discover gold in the sand
Name for the people who panned for gold
Gold prospectors
Long wooden frames used for searching through large amounts of gravel and soil
What percent of the miners were men
These were used for shelter by the minors
A disease that spread from the dirty water and living conditions.
This man’s entrepreneurial path started by selling canvas tents to the prospectors. This then led to a hired seamstress to help miners sew knees of pants that had worn out from a hard days work. The canvas was switched to denim.
Levi Strauss
How much gold was harvested by 1960 in California
500 million
State where THIS gold rush took place
What year did the California gold rush take place?
Conflict arose with the _____ when the settlers approached California
Native Americans
People who went to California looking for Gold in 1849
These grew near all the major mining sites. Eventually a bunch of restaurants, hotels, and other places were built in order to accommodate the miners.
Boom Towns
Where gold was first discovered in 1848; marked the beginning of the Gold Rush
Sutters Mill
Steamships and railroads were used as _______ during the gold rush
What two things were miners forced to create when they arrived in California
Laws and government
What could a miner do if he felt mistreated by a group of miners?
Call camp meeting
A large migration of people to a newly discovered gold field
gold rush
A soft yellow malleable ductile metallic element that California miners were in search for
Who was the president of America during the California gold rush?
James Polk
The act of searching for precious minerals in the earth
A seam-like deposit containing metallic ore
A lump or mass of gold
A descriptive phrase used by a miner who strikes gold
The first migrants to arrive were those from lands accessible by _____.
The Gold Rush undoubtedly sped up California’s admission to the Union as the ___state.
By the end of the decade, California’s population was_______.
California officially became a US state because of what compromise?
Compromise of 1850

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