What the birthrate and immigration numbers do for Asian Americans, Latino, and African Americans children
The number of years ago that new waves of immigrants started to come from parts of the world unfamiliar to many Americans
An education that addresses cultural diversity and equity in schools
Knowledge, beliefs, and values are aspects that influence what
Concept that emphasizes that we need to learn more about our own culture than is commonly required along with interaction with other cultural groups
The belief that every individual is his or her own master & controls their own destiny
When a group’s distinctive cultural patterns either become part of the dominant culture or disappear after adopting the dominant culture
Describes a society that allows multiple distinctive groups to function separately and equally without requiring any assimilation into dominant society
Prejudice, discrimination, and privilege and 3 obstacles to
The 1990’s were characterized by the development of what in terms of education and teaching
InTASC developed specifically how many national standards for educator proficiency related to multicultural education
Seek freedoms, escape dismal economic or political conditions are all reasons for what
Throughout history the U.S. Congress has restricted the immigration of different national or ethic groups on what basis
Political stress in their native country, time sent in refugee camps, not speaking English, feeling disconnected are all what
Help overall identity, sense of belonging, optimism, self-esteem are all benefits of developing a healthy what?
Adoption of the dominant groups cultural patterns by a new or oppressed group.
Permeates all subject areas, ranges fro pre-school thru adult education, makes accurate & positive reference to ethnic diversity are all the characteristics of what type of curriculum
Desegregation continued in many states until which Supreme Court Case involving ____ v. the Board of Education
Family, people seen in newspapers, TV, & movies are all factors influence
A system that differently structures groups access to economic, political cultural, & social resources.
To provide education that is multicultural, what do professional educators need to do continuously
those student with disadvantaged living status
those student that engage in high risk behaviors that make them vulnerable to harm
One of the most problematic areas faced by parents, school, communities, and law enforcement agencies
One of the MOST important of the regional differences in the United States, as well as other parts of the world
The type of differences that become apparent to educators as they move from one area to another to work
One of the most controversial issues in religious institutions today

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