Very small particle inside the atom's nucleus/has a positive electrical charge
Small particle inside an atom's nucleus that is negative electrically charged
Found outside the nucleus/small negatively charged particle that moves around the outer sphere of an atom
An electrical force of attraction between two atoms
Chemical bond
Smallest unit of an element/basic building blocks of matter
a group of two or more atoms held together by a chemical bond
Substances made of two or more elements that combine chemically in a set ratio
Represent compounds
Chemical formula
any change that alters the form or appearance of a substance but does not change it to another substance EX: tearing or crumpling paper
Physical change
change in matter that produces one or more new substances
chemical change
Substances that undergo a chemical change
the new substance that forms from a chemical change
A way to show a chemical reaction using symbols instead of words/tells you the reactants or substances you start within a reaction and the products or new substances that are formed at the end
Chemical equation
A number placed in front of a chemical formula in an equation/tells you the amount of a reactant or product in the reaction
a substance that cannot be broken down into any other substance by physical or chemical means