Thomas graduated from ________High School.
Thomas graduated from Newport News Apprentice School as a journeyman machinist. True or False
Which one of Thomas' sisters introduced him to Clara?
Clara likes Kenny Rogers and Rod Stewart. True or False
They were married in __________________Baptist Church in Newport News,
Clara mother's name is ______________.
Thomas' father's name is _________?
Clara has two sisters. True or False
First official date was to see a________.
They were there for one week for their honeymoon.
After earning a B.S.Bus. Admin from Longwood and a M. S. in Bus. Educ. from VA State University, Clara earned her doctorate from this school in 2002.
Julien was in what branch of the military?
Thomas has a Black Belt in Tae Won Do. True or False
The couple joined this church in 2006.
St. Peter
Thomas retired from ________ in 1998.
Philip Morris, USA

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