promotes community and social responsibility
Political party against gun control
/The republican party is for ______ restrictions
Party that believes consenting adults can choose sexuality but companies can refuse service
Party intolerant of racism,sexism,homophobism, and ageism
Green Party
Party that believes in a limited government
The democratic party is a fan of _____taxation
The green party believes in no ____penalty
A group that seeks to elect candidates to public office
Political Party
Followers of Andrew Jackson
Jacksons Opponents
The Republican and Democratic Parties
Major Parties
Governement action based on firm allegiance to a political party
One of the political parties not widely supported
Minor Party
supported by 2 parties
General agreement among various groups on fundamental matters;broad agreement on public questions
A conflicting group
Parties based on a particular set of beliefs, a comprehensive view of social, economic, and political matters
Ideological Parties
Differences in political views held by political parties
Political Spectrum

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