The Soul of Nike
Steve Prefontaine
The original name of Nike
Blue Ribbon Sports
Gives consumers digital and physical access to the best retail that Nike has to offer
Direct To Consumer
The Head Coach of the University of Oregon's Track & Field team
Bill Bowerman
He believed shoe exports from Japan could replace Germany's dominant position in the U.S. athletic shoe industry
Phil Knight
An important goal or purpose
Digital access that allows consumers to engage with Nike and is a resource to learn more that is available anytime
The ultimate Nike experience located in premium destinations around the world
Women's running, training and NikeSportswear categories combined to inspire and serve all female athletes
Nike Womens
The best of Nike sneakers presented with elevated Nike Sportswear apparel and premium services
Offers Nike product in limited sizes and selection at closeout prices
nike clearance store
Nike's unique cutting-edge concept that blends the power of sport and innovation with the latest products
Nike Lab
Built by runners for runners offering elevated services and expert guidance to help runners and those who want to run reach their potential
Nike Running
the way you design unique and specialized product
Our DTC concept
Nike Factory Store
Our brand
Used for inspiring consumers to put together outfits
style guide
Tells you when new products well be released
Launch Calendar

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