Where does the story take place?
What is the is the first refugee camp Dara's family goes to?
Nong Chan
Who is the first person Dara meets at the refugee camp?
What village does Dara's family come from?
Siem Reap
Who is Dara's first friend at the refugee camp?
A food staple in Cambodia and the refugee camp.
What is "Baby's" real name?
Jantu tells Dara a story about the four deaf __________.
Who is described in the beginning of the book as a "bully" who likes to break things?
What was so special about the clay marble for Dara?
At one point, the ____ __________ became the center of Jantu and Dara's world.
Toy Village
What was the army camp that Dara's family goes to for Sarun?
Kung Silor
Who was Nea's fiancé towards the end of the book?
The eldest in Nea's family.
Grandpa Kem
The only parent that Dara had left.
It comes around everyday at around noon.
Lunch Truck
The reason why Dara's family had to keep moving.
Jantu dies laying in a _________.
Who is the author of the story?
Mingfong Ho
How old is Dara?
How old is Nea?
How old is Jantu?
Some of the refugee camps lie on the ____________________ border.
For Jantu, what does the clay marble symbolize?
What genre is The Clay Marble?

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