To lie and wait for an unexpected attact
Known as Yankee, union, or northerner
Hard crackers
Branch of the military witch the soliders fight on foot
The cruel killing of a number of helpless or unresisting people.
To formally enroll in the army or to call roll.
The lowest rank in the army.
The term used to describe new soldiers.
A state of bondage in which African Americans (and some Native Americans) were owned by other people, usually white, and forced to labor on their behalf.
Someone who does something because they want to, not because they need to.
A Northerner; someone loyal to the Federal government of the United States. Also, Union, Federal, or Northern.
Someone who wishes to abolish or get rid of slavery.
The effort by the North to keep ships from entering or leaving Southern ports.
Round container used to carry water; made of wood or tin and carried over the shoulder by a strap.
A crop such as tobacco or cotton which was grown to be sold for cash --not grown for food like corn or wheat.
Cash Crop
A soldier who was wounded, killed, or missing in action.
A branch of the military mounted on horseback
Also called the South or the Confederate States of America,
Term for a Northerner who opposed the war effort.
Gunboats using stacked cotton bales to protect themselves from enemy fire.

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