Commander of Dragon army
Ender Wiggin
Known as the sharp shooter
Petra Arkanian
Unknown species that attacted earth
Recruited Ender for battle school
Colonel Graff
The worlds government
International Fleet
Bonzo madrid commanded this army
Salamder army
Petra was given command of this army
Phoenix army
This army used to be discontinued
Dragon army
defeated the buggers in the second war
Mazar Rackham
Enders older brother
peter wiggin
second child of the wiggins
Valentine wiggin
passed away before Ender went to battle school
Ender broke this persons arm on the way to battle school
something worn when in the battle room
flash suit
kids wear these to see if they will make it to battle school
he says he is the boys for the next few months
Captain Dap
where people are selected to go after battle school
command school
valentine pretends to be this person so she can write on the net
new commander of rabbit