Shelaina's middle name.
Shelaina and Keon's honeymoon destination. (2 words)
The last name of her favorite boy band lead singer.
The month she was born in.
Shelaina's hair motto: "If you can't achieve it, _____________ it!"
The initials of her alma mata.
Shelaina's favorite singer with the super light complexion.
The month of the Big Day.
The next number that follows the last word of the name of her employer.
The art form of which Shelaina has several on her body.
The name of the high school she attended.
Her mother's last name and a city in Texas.
A description for Shelaina's toes as well as a dirty bird found in urban areas.
A form of seafood Shelaina absolutely loves. (2 words)
What she had to wear for 2 years to correct her jaw problem. Popcorn off limits!
A place where Shelaina showed her "jazz hands" for many years.

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