Leader and dictator of Germany during World War II
Adolf Hiter
World leader for Canada during World War II
Mackenzie King
Person put in charge of Canada's war time production during World War II
Sam Hughes
The Canadian government agency responsible for price and inflation controls (Abbreviation)
The Canadian government's way of suppressing Canadian media, books, etc during WW2
The following act Mackenzie King passed in 1940 for home defense (Abbreviation)
Canada declared war agents Germany ___ days after Britain and France.
Canada's last city to allow woman's right to vote for provincial elections
Organization to promote international co-operation
United Nations
Forced military service in Canada during WW2
Conscription Crisis
The military alliance between European and North American democracies that was founded after WWII (Abbreviation)
Location of Hitlers death
Canadas commanding officer during The Battle of Hong Kong
John Lawson
During WWII Canada was apart of what empire before making an independent decision on entering the war?
British Empire
Britain's air force that bombed Berlin, Germany during WWII
Royal Air Force
The battle that some would call a "miracle"
The country 140,000 German troops attempted and failed to take over on July 10th-October 31 1940
In the battle of Dieppe, Canadian troops lost the element of _____
Canadian Sargent who dressed as a farmer to fool German troops
Tommy Prince
The day Canadian and Britain had spent over four years preparing to invade France.
D Day
Millions of these people were murdered during the Holocaust.
Gardens that Canadian families had a home during war time to help with low food supplies
Victory Gardens
On December 7th 1941 the Japanese attacked the U.S where?
Pearl Harbor
During the war all Canadian woman's fashion was stylish but ______ because of limited fabric use.
The hero's Canada cheered and applauded for after their risks and experiences during WWII (Hint: Remembrance day)
After the war many young people started having babies and caused a _____
Baby Boom
Many Japaneses-Canadians were sent here after Japan bombed Pearl Harbor
Internment Camps
What type of bond was sold by the government to help Canadian soldiers and pay for the war
Victory bonds
A way the Canadian government made sure certain goods got shared evenly
Was said to be the most famous Canadian pilot during WWII
George Beurling

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