Made a saint by the Catholic Church
A government run by religious leaders
Ordinary, everday language
Financial supporter of the arts
War tactic involving hit-and-run raids
guerrilla warfare
Group of revlutionary radicals
One of the main leaders in the Reign of Terror
Method for carrying out executions during the Reign of Terror
Policy for allowing bussiness to operate with little or no government interference
laissez faire
Power is divided between a national government and the states
federal republic
His government made policies that helped bring about the American Revolution
George III
Thinkers from the "Age of Reason"
A movement that urged Christians to social service
social gospel
Shares of ownership in a corporation
Theory that certain microbes cause specific infectious diseases
germ theory
An attempt to represent the world as it was
Horrible acts against innocent people
Payments for war damage
A growing class of factory and railroad workers, miners, and urban wage earners
Glorification of the military
Detention centers for civilians considered enemies of the state
concentration camps
"Lightning war"
Opposition to all war
Giving into an aggressor's demands to maintain peace

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