An equation between two variables that forms a straight line when plotted on a graph.
Linear Equation
A relationship or expression involving one or more variables.
A positive number that refers to the difference from zero.
Absolute Value
Objects that have the same size and shape.
The middle number that appears in your list of values or numbers.
An algebraic expression consisting on only one term.
A standard quantity used in measurement.
an expression of more than two algebraic terms
an expression of the sum or the difference of two terms
change in the value of a quantity
rate of change
helps tell you the real number of solutions in a problem
is indicated by the term r
common ratio
growth who's rate becomes ever more rapid in proportion to the growing total number or size
exponential growth
the total value decreases but the proportion that leaves remains the same over time
exponential decay
standard form is ax^2+ax+b
quadratic equation
a number in front of a variable
a number that divides into a number equally
the numbers
an unknown or placeholder in an expression
study of generalized arithmetic

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