men and women who had been slaves
a government pardon
refers to the rebuilding of the South after the Civil War
a popular actor from the South, who shot Lincoln in the head
john wilkes booth
the amendment that banned slavery throughout the nation
thirteenth amendment
became president after Lincoln died
andrew johnson
laws that severely limited the rights of freedmen
black codes
the amendment thay granted citizenship to all persons born in the USA
fourteenth amendment
to bring formal charges of wrongdoing against an elected offical
the amendment that forbade any state to deny African Americans the right to vote because of their race
fifteenth amendment
a word used for small scruffy horses
dangerous white southerners that worked to keep blacks and white Republicans out of office
ku klux klan
fortune hunters hoping to profit from the South's misery
required voters to pay a fee each time they voted
poll taxes
required voters to read and explain a section of the Constitution
literacy tests
is the illegal seizure and execution of someone by a mob
seperating people of different races in public places

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