Every distillery uses this type of water?
This process involves soaking the barley in tanks to prepare it for the mashing process?
After soaking for the necessary period of time, this item is spread out on a floor up to evenly and left to germinate?
During the Germination stage enzymes turn the starch within the barley into soluble _________?
After the germination stage the barley is moved to the kiln to stop the Germination __________?
This step mixes the barley with water to rinse out any impurities and prepare it for distillation?
This step requires stills?
This specific type of still has 3 different names, they are: Patent, Continuous and?
Another type of Distiller is done through the __________ still?
A Pot Still uses this type of neck?
After the distillation process it is now time for?
Jack Daniels actually creates their own ___________ for the ageing process?
This person is the official title of those who create barrels?
Hops is also this type of relaxer?
Scotch is named after which country?
We have been told that this process takes anywhere from 2 days to 3 weeks?
The 3 years minimum criteria for ageing is established in this Immaturity Act?
This process mixes in corn, wheat, etc.?
The process in which it is stated that the real magic happens – it is the fermentation vessel that allows the yeast strains to convert the wort into a fermented liquid called wash?
The production of scotch is similar to the production of this other alcohol?
ABV means, Alcohol By __________?
________ malt whiskeys are distilled in pot stills?
During the distillation stage, the wash is boiled in this type of Wash Still?
Alcohol __________ more rapidly than water when heated?
During the distillation run, the distillate is divided into three cuts, they are Heads, Heart of the Run and this?

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