Literary device most present in "Church" when monks clean guns and soldiers debate philosophy. Non-religious Dobbins wanting to be a priest and religious Kiowa doesn't.
Soldier most disturbed by the squad setting up base in the church.
The moral, as expressed by Dobbins, in "Church" is to be ______.
What symbol is used to represent that life goes on in "The Man I Killed?"
The author personifies, projects part of his own life, and makes up a believable back story for what object?
"The Man I Killed" takes place in which tense?
What weapon, used by the narrator, kills the suspicious Vietnamese soldier?
The moral behind "The Man I Killed" and "Ambush" is that _______ doesn't go away.
In "Style" Dobbins' reaction to Azar's mockery of the dancing girl represents that everyone, enemy included, deserves _______.
The overarching theme behind the four chapters, "Church"-"Style," is that war ______ people, places, everything.
"Ambush" takes place in what tense?
After killing the man, Kiowa repeatedly asks O'Brien to ____.
In "Ambush," O'Brien responds to the question asking if he had killed anyone by saying, "__ ______ __"
The monks in "Church" likened Dobbins to this biblical figure.
O'Brien goes into extreme detail when describing the man he had killed, so much as to repeatedly describe this shape in one of the dead man's eyes.

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