The ROT will emit an unusual ringing when a ____________ button has been activated
this alarm is positioned throughout the branch ,ceiling mounted this device is used for the timer ending on challenger
10 inch and 12 inch _______ are positioned within the branch mostly in a general area for viewing and monitoring.
,Which device is ceiling mounted 3 metres inside the main entry door.
,This device is installed at all workstations in the branch when pressed once it activate a hold-up alarm 60 seconds after activation , multiple activation will activate a hold-up alarm immediately
Staff are issued a personal identification number to access this _______.
Service crews attending the site hold a master key for these boxes.
The main RAS is wall mounted in the back of the house area, typically in close proximity to the main _________ or vault.
The safe reed switch is designed to ensure that _____ and safes are not left in the open position when the system is full night seal.
Front entry doors are not covered by a _____ this is to allow couriers to deliver the mail bags inside the front area with out the requirement of a code.
This device is only installed at telling positions where a camera is installed and is titled _____ suspicious button.
What light illuminates when it tell you to not move beyond this point until advised to do so by front of house staff
System ______ are placed in the following areas 1. front entry 2.banking chamber 3. information desk 4. public
Both HUA ______ depressed together generate an alarm with the standard 60 second delay
This device performs five distinct functions 1. green light - hold-up pre alarm 2. red light - hold-up activated 3. blue light - back door activated 4. siren will sound 5. the red button is also a hold up activator
What does AIP stand for?
What does RAS stand for?
What does DOTL stand for?
What does HUA stand for?

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