Kyle's birthmonth
Lindsey's birthmonth
Neighborhood where 1311 Monetta St is located
South Inglewood
Kyle's middle name
Lindsey's middle name
Lindsey's does this each morning
Favorite food of both K+L
Nashville is known for it's...
hot chicken
One of Kyle's favorite pastimes (hint: two members of the bridal party hurt their ankles doing this)
The cat's name is ….
Lindsey loves to do ...
Kyle likes to make his own ...
City where K+L got engaged.
Beautiful honeymoon destination
Kyle wants this soon, but Lindsey is hesitant
Lindsey wants this soon, but Kyle is hesitant
Neighborhood in Brooklyn K+L moved from
Park Slope
Name all of Lindsey's food restrictions
What "holiday" will forever be tied to K+L's engagement?
Black Friday

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