Percy Jacksons Bestfriend
The God of the Sea
This weapon is a pen that changes into a sword
The God of War
Refers to Percy as "Seaweed-Brain"
The God of Wine
Step Dad of Percy
Smelly Gabe
Tried to kill Percy
What was the name of the Las vegas casino that put Percy, Annabeth, and Grover in a trance
Percy Jackson's mother
Sally Jackson
What is the name of the place that teen demi-gods go to
Camp Halfblood
Who is the man that is half of a horse
What attacked Percy on the way to the camp
What does Annabeth wear to go invisible
Yankees Cap
Who rules the Underworld
Poseidon's weapon
What did Percy steal from Zeus
Master Bolt
Percy's camp enemy and is also daughter
What attacked Percy in the St. Louis Arch

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