This was used as a secret means of escape.
Underground Railroad
This term was coined in 1845 by journalist John L. O'Sullivan.
Manifest Destiny
This rebellion (1786-1787) caused the country to worry about the confederation's ability to handle civil disorder.
Shay’s Rebellion
Some 2,500 men were taken by force into service, a grievance that helped propel the Untied States to declare war on Britain.
Signed in 1795, this treaty secured limited trading rights in the West Indies, but did not secure a timely removal of British forces from western forts.
Jay Treaty
This treaty was signed in 1795 and brought only temporary peace to Ohio
Treaty of Greenville
This movement was founded by Joseph Smith in 1830 and continued by Brigham Young.
This incident in 1797 was caused by American negotiators in France and their refusal to pay a substantial bribes.
XYZ Affair
A law enacted in Pennsylvania in 1780, granting freedom to infants born on March 1, 1780 when they reach age twenty-eight.
Gradual emancipation
This mass movement of people into the territory accelerated the push for statehood.
California Gold Rush
This acknowledged the existence of slavery in the United States.
Three fifths clause
The President insisted that this Act (1830) was for the benefit of these people, but it ended in disaster.
Indian Removal Act
This conflict (1791-1804) involved diverse participants and armies from three European countries.
Haitian Revolution
A Land Act established in 1787, guaranteed that western lans with white population would not become colonial dependence.
Northwest Ordinance
The federal government responded to this rebellion (1794) with a military presence that caused dissidents to disperse before blood was shed.
Whiskey Rebellion
This plan proposed enhanced congressional powers, including the right to tax, regulate trade, and use force on unruly state governments.
New Jersey Plan
Seven states ratified the Constitution on the condition that guarantees of individual liberties and limitations to federal power be swiftly incorporated.
Bill of Rights
This was used in the 1830s by migrants many of which died from disease and accidents.
Oregon Trail
The leaders of this group in the 1790s supported Britain in foreign policy and commercial interests at home.
This Plan was drafted by James Madison and was presented at the opening of the constitutional convention.
Virginia Plan
The leaders of this group in the 1790s supported the revolutionaries in France and worried about monarchical tendencies of the other group.
This was a grueling 1,200-mile march caused the deaths of a quarter of the people.
Trail of Tears
The Articles of Confederation