light Crossword

the sun produces this so we are able to see
bouncing waves off any surface
ghosts have this affect
you can see directly through it
no light is able to pass through
the way light tends to travel
transfer of energy by wave
the way light works
smooth shiny surface that light reflects off of
reflection from a rough surface
curved mirror
light rays are parallel to optical axis
distance along optical axis
mirror that curves outward
a waves change in course

Mirrors and Lenses Crossword

Mirrors and Lenses Crossword

We use this to see our reflection.
Light from us bounces off of a mirror to show us how we look
Our eyes go through this process to give us sight
if we look at a table and cannot see through it, the table is _____.
This object uses different lenses to magnify and enhance the apperance of an object we are observing.
This either refracts, reflects, or absorbs light to change the way we view objects.
Most windows are ______, because we can see through them and they absorb a little light.
tranfers impulse to the brain for sight
Where a wave moves apart
A sensitive membrane at the back of the inside of an eye
An outward-curved lens
______ makes things visible
An inward-curved lens
A ______ regulates the amount of light entering the eye
The ______ focuses light waves on the retina
The ______ refract light entering the eye and sends it to the back of the eye
The act of seeing
This device uses highly concentrated light
transmission of some light but can cause it to disort
Able to be seen
An optical tool that uses refraction to seperate different wavelengths that make up white light

Different Lenses Crossword

Different Lenses Crossword

curved surface that bends light by refraction
diverging lens
converging lens
point which all incident rays pass through
light strikes a surface and comes back at a different angle
bending of light rays
path of a light ray
light striking a non-shiny surface
a dispersive object
distance between object and ooptical element
a lens to see outerspace
a mirror or shiny surface creates this
window glass
frosted glass
painted glass
angle between incident ray and normal
angle between reflected light and normal
the angle of incidence equals the angle of reflection
an illusion created by light
distance between the lens and focal point

Waves Crossword

Waves Crossword

occurs when a wave bounces back after striking an object
the point on the axis of a mirror lens throughwhich all incident light rays are focused
maximum distance the wave vibrates from the rest position
the distance between the adjacent crests or compressions in a series of waves
result of more moves overlapping
curved transparent object that forms an image by refracting light
any disturbance that transmits energy through matter or space
bending waves around a barrier or through an opening
image through which light does not actually pass
image through which light passes
lens that is thicker in the middle than the edges
speed at whcih a wave travels
the distance between a mirror lense through which all incident parallel rays are focused
mirror that is curved outward
mirror that is curved inward
mirror with a flat surface
matter through which visible light is easily transmitted
matter that transmits light but also scatters the light as it passes through matter
number of waves produced in a given amount of time
wave that forms from a stationary pattern in which portions of the waveare at rest position

Refraction and Lenses crossword puzzle

Refraction and Lenses crossword puzzle

A shaving mirror is this kind of mirror
A shaving mirror is this kind of mirror
Cause light ray from a specific focal point to bend
Have curvature in only one directon
Glasses or other transparent substance with curved sides
A mirror with a flat reflective surface
What most lenses are made out of
Used in lenses of sunglasses
Binoculars use these
Distance from the center of the lens to the focal point
Concave-convex lenses
Consists of several simple lenses
Cause light rays to bend to a focal point
Microscopes use this type of lens
First lens ever used
Has its optical surface broken up into narrow rings
This point of a lens is generally noted with a capital F
Change in direction of a wave due to a change in its transmission medium

Mirrors and Lenses Crossword

Mirrors and Lenses Crossword

The behavior of light
A device that generates an intense beam of coherent monochromatic light
A reflective surface
A piece of glass or other transparent substance
The point at which rays or waves meet after reflection or refraction
Surface of light, heat, and sound
Phenomenon of light and radio waves
Electromagnetic radiation
The angle that an incident of line or rays make
Deals with light and vision
Wavelength that is greater than visible light
Process or state of diverging
An outline or surface curved outward like a circle or sphere
An outline or surface that curves inward like a cirlce or sphere
Coming together from different directions until they eventually meet

Light and Optics Crossword

Light and Optics  Crossword

Light is a form of
Light travels in __________ lines
Light traveling at an angle from one medium to another is called
Light changing direction when contacting a surface is known as
Rays reflected in parallel form a ___________ reflection
Rays reflected in a scattered patter form a _______________ reflection
Materials that do not allow any light to pass through it
materials that allow some light to pass through them
Materials that allow all light to pass through them
electricity traveling through a filament
electricity running through a glass tube filled with gas
Species that create their own light using a chemical reaction
energy stored in cells and released later
Objects that produce their own light
Objects that do not produce their own light
produces light without wasting energy as heat
a mirror that curves inwards
a mirror the curves outwards
a flat mirror
angle of ________________= angle of reflection

Optics Crossword

Optics Crossword

A type of optical telescope that uses a lens as its objective to form an image.
Is an optical telescope which uses curved mirrors that reflect light and form an image.
The _____lens in a telescope focuses the light to a point in front of the eyepiece.
Another word for nearsightedness
Images are formed behind the retina, not on it, and this causes close-up images to be blurry.
The most common cause of blindness
The pupil gets____in bright light.
The aqueous humour is the ____fluid, that fills the front part of the eyeball.
The ___ spot is where the optic nerve leaves the retina.
The coloured part of the eye.
The _____body is a circular muscle that enables the lens to change shape for focusing.
The _____is a layer of blood vessels that nourishes the eye.
With refraction of light no image is formed when the object is at the_____point.
A lens that makes light rays come together is called a _____lens.
These lenses make light spread apart.
A _____and dark-coloured surface will absorb light the most.
Concave mirrors are also called _________mirrors
Your image will be upright, but much smaller than what you normally see in this kind of mirror.
The ability to let light rays in.
Light can partially get through..
Allows no light to get through.
,Light can travel in a straight line just like _____.
When the sunlight passes from the air through rain droplets before reaching your eyes, what is this called?
Different _______of light have different wavelengths.
Where does the energy of the electromagnetic spectrum come from?
,As the wavelength gets shorter, both the frequency and energy _______.
Which rays are the highest forms of electromagnetic radiation?
Waves where the particles of the medium vibrate with an up and down motion.
What is the branch of science called that deals with the study of waves that travel through the Earth?
What kind of wave can you see on the water on a windy day?

Science Light Crossword

Science Light Crossword

an object that reflects all the light that lands on it
a word that desribes an object that does not allow light to pass through
the thinnest peice of light
occurs when light rays bounce off an object
occurs when light rays travel from one medium to another
an imaginary line at right angles to the mirror
a surface that curves like the exterior or a circle ( inwards )
a surface that curves like the exterior of a circle ( outwards )
light hitting a mirror
light bouncing off a mirror
a form of energy
a word that describes an object that light energy passes through
occurs when light is taken into anbject

Science Crossword (Chapter 5)

Science Crossword (Chapter 5)

Old model that light was fast moving tiny particles eventually absorbed by the eye
A model that represents light as a straight line or ray that indicates the light path as it travels including reflection off mirrors or refracting through lenses
light passes through freely
allows only some light to pass through
allowing no light to pass through
Occurs when light is blocked in specific areas
When light strikes a surface and bounces off
the ray that approaches a surface
imaginary line perpendicular to the surface being struck by light
angle between the incident ray and the normal line
Angle between the reflected ray and the normal line
incident angel must equal the reflected angle
when a wave or ray changes speed and direction as it passes from one material to another
illusion formed by refraction of light through air
a property of a material which light passes through. The more dense the slower the light passes through.
when light is trapped in an objects as heat
when light passes through a material
an object that curves inward
an object that curves outward
light rays that are coming together at a focal point
Light rays that spread apart
Where light rays meet at a certain point
A flat smooth mirror
curved piece of transparent material

Reflection and Mirrors Crossword

Reflection and Mirrors Crossword

a source of light rays
combination of points produce by light rays from an object
straight Line perpindicular to a spherical mirror that divides it in half
Diverging light rays produce this
light rays are reflected in parallel
flat smooth surface from which light is reflected
The scattering of light off arough surface
The reflective surface has edges that curve toward the observer
incident light rays that are parallel to the principal axis converge after reflecting from the mirror
reflective surface that has edges that curve away fro the obsever
formed by the converging of light rays