What was the oridinal name of Pier Street
Sunny Side
What was the original name of High Street
What image was displayed on Holt's brewery bottles
Who was the first resident of the Manor House
George Reed
Who built Burnham's first purpose built lighthouse
David Davies
What was the original name of Burnham Holiday Village
What was the name of Burnham's first RNLI lifeboat
What was the nickname of St Andrew's School on the Seafront
Holleys College
Where was Viscount Cave's residence
Surname of person who opened South Esplanade & Marine Lake in 1932
Nickname of vehicle owned by George Pruen of Royal Clarence Hotel
Fiery Liz
What business is now on site of Burnham's Gassworks
What was the original use of the covered market building
What was the original use of the car park at the top of Lynton Road
What was the name of J B Braithwait's house in Seaview Road
How many legs does our lower lighthouse have
What building now replaces our first bandstand
There were two brick & tile works where Apex Park is now. One was Colthurst & Symons. What was the name of the other
What cheese was made locally and exported from Highbridge Wharf to South Wales
What was the name of the water course that came past Brent Knoll and joined the sea by the Lower Lighthouse
Who now trades from Cox & Cox's main premises
Prew's (Pruen's) Terrace is now called
The bishop of where lived in The Hall (Community Centre)
Large house built in 1760, the after a fire rebuilt in 1830
War ....... Hospital

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