In the song “Frosty the Snowman,” what made Frosty come to life?
An old silk hat
What Christmas decoration was originally made from strands of silver?
Who played George Bailey in the Christmas classic “It’s a Wonderful Life?”
Jimmy Stewart
What Christmas beverage is also known as “milk punch?”
In 1981, Bob and Doug McKenzie released their own version of a classic Christmas song. Which song is that?
The Twelve Days of Christmas
What animated 2004 film is about a train that carries kids to the North Pole on Christmas Eve?
The Polar Express
What Bing Crosby song is the best-selling single ever?
White Christmas
What traditional Christmas decoration is actually a parasitic plant?
What beverage company has been using Santa Claus in its advertising since 1931?
Everyone is familiar with the mistletoe tradition. What is the color of the berries of the plant?

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