This war was fought in North America between 1754-1763
The French and Indian War was fought over what area of land?
This person became a well-known military leader because of the F.I. War
Ben Franklin suggested this plan "of union", in which all 13 colonies would unite to fight the F. I. War together
Name of two different treaties that ended the two wars we've learned about this unit
To pay for the F.I. War, Britain began charging _____ on many items in the colonies
This law was designed to keep colonists out of the Ohio River Valley to avoid more conflict with Native Americans
This term means the style of sneak attack, ambush fighting that Native Americans used successfully against the British
Creator of the "Join, or Die" snake cartoon
Tax on a product used to sweeten things including tea and food
This tax law required colonists to show proof that they paid the tax on each printed item they purchased
Group of Patriots that planned protests including the Boston Tea Party
This law forced colonists to house and feed British troops who were stationed in the colonies
This group of laws placed taxes on many everyday goods, including glass and tea
On March 5, 1770, a group of British soldiers opened fire on a crowd of protesters, leaving 5 dead
This patriot leader believed in the right to a fair trial, so he defended the Boston Massacre troops from their murder charges
This law replaced the Townshend Acts, keeping only one tax which was on a popular beverage
In 1773, a group of patriots disguised themselves as Mohawk Indians and boarded ships to protest a tax law
Tea company given a monopoly by Britain
These laws were passed to punish the colonies, especially Boston, following the Tea Party
One way Boston was punished for the Tea Party was to close what
Term for two different meetings of delegates to represent the 13 colonies in planning the revolution
No Taxation without ____________
This term refers to colonists who did not have an issue with Britain and wanted to stay under British control
This document was sent to Britain, despite not all colonies supporting it, hoping that King George would compromise to end the conflict with the colonies
What man wrote a pamphlet to convince colonists to support independence?
What pamphlet convinced thousands of colonists to support independence?

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