Revenue,expenses and net incom/loss are show on
Credit recorded when a company purchase inventory on credit from vendors or supplies.
A long-term contract to borrow money from a creditor.
Initial investments made by owners like stock purchases or partnership buy-ins.
A creditor's claim on a company' assets.
Miscellaneous assets that are entire in product production that are too small and inexpensive to capitalize.
An asset that arises from selling goods or services to someone on credit.
A subsection of the general field of accounting that focuses on gathering and compiling data in order to present it to external users in a usable form.
Entry on the left side of an account.
A written promise to repay money.
Assets earned by a company's operations and business activities.
Entry on the right side of an account.
A resource that is owned or controlled by a company that can be used to provide a future economic benefit.
The _______ ________ statement summarizes how changes in balance sheet accounts affect the cash account during the accounting period.
The report that shows a company's financial position based on its assets, liabilities, and equity at a single moment in time.
A report that shows the income, expenses, and resulting profits or losses of a company during a specific time period
Accounts listed last on the balance sheet.
He is know as father of accounting
When expenses are greater that revenue you have a?
Money received in advance for services to be performed in the future are reported on the balance sheet as deferred revenues, _________________ revenues, or as customer deposits.
The accounts in this balance sheet classification are credited to increase them
The difference between a sole proprietorship's total assets and its total liabilities is ___________'s equity.
Coins,Currencies,checks,bank deposit this is under of____?
This is represent the unsold goods at the end of the accounting period?
. Amounts owned to other for expenses already incurred but not yet paid??
Liability to pay the bank or other financing institution arising from funds borrowed by the business from these institution payable within twelve or shorter.
assets held by an enterprise for the accretion of wealth
Accepts deposits from people and busniesses and use them to finance their business
Plans incomes and expenses
The _________________ entries come from the worksheet
An example of Revenue is
When you owe money
The fourth step in the accounting cycle is ?
This affects owners equity
The ___________________ entries are done at the end of every month
charge for using money until repaid at a future date
income statement, balance sheet, statement of changes in owner’s equity, and statement of cash flows
In accounting at least ____________ accounts are affected in a transaction
Sales minus expenses
A debt evidenced by a "note" which specifies the principal amount, interest rate and date of repayment
A written cash flow plan

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