These people controlled the largest land empire in history and they attacked the Chinese in the Song Dynasty
This trade route is 4,000 mile and it connects Asia to Europe
Silk road
In this city 55% of people live in slums and their are no job opportunities
India is looking into this and the U.S. should be scared because they will take over with this source and work our work for less money
this is not a religion because it is a philosophy, they do not have a god/someone to worship
this was the founder of the Buddhist
sacred sight for the Buddhist
Bodhi Tree
this was the sacred sight for the Hindu
Ganges river
this is how Gandhi and Martin Luther King Jr. were similar
Civil Disobedience
Gandhi was fighting against these people because they took all the Indian resources
a person who is always trying to find alternate ways to do things, he was a peace seeker and a freedom fighter.
It was an economical and social party campaign by the communist party of China. Mao aimed to transform the country through industrialization and collectivization.
Great Leap Forward
he ruled from 1949-1959 and also established a Chinese communist party.
Mao Zedong
the act of extending a countries power by a military force
Made the Chinese people collect tariffs from all countries that came in for trade, so not one country was favored.
Open Door Policy
relates to sphere of influence because these people didn't want the western and Japanese cultures to spread and they also led a rebellion in order to stop it.
Boxer Rebellion
areas in which foreign powers have been granted many rights for people as well as privileges, such as trading rights and mining privileges.
Sphere of Influence