What does the "TM" in TM1 Stand for?
Table Manager
We are this in Analytics
Trusted Experts
Statistical Package for the ___ ____
Social Sciences
Safelite sing along … while you swim, cycle and run!
Repair Replace
We are with you every step of the way
TM1 Data Accumulation
God love'em
BI / TM1 Bouncer
I don't care how many cells you want, I'm only making 2 passes!
AG's mid and end month reminder
Thinking or Giving
One of QueBIT’s three partners
"We'll take you last breath" …. October 2015 winners!
The Black Death
Right for an insurer to legally pursue a third party that caused an insurance loss to the insured
____.QueBIT.com/____ is a place to discuss the latest news!
A site that will convert your world in to a colorful rainbow
Be like Chryselle and Watch it!!
Use this to perform Create, Read, Update and Delete (CRUD) operations on TM1 data
TM1 Rest API
You and all your kids, please line up in order … I want to see all of you!
Define the Subset, Elements, Alias, Expansion direction, MDX, Indentations and Drilling functionality
If your report is pulling back erroneous or no data, what should you look at first?
But I want my columns to expand too!
A Cube Viewer in Excel
I have no idea what Richard was talking about. I'll bet I can look it up on ________.
Short staffed? We got you covered.
Self-paced online training that can be customized for the right price!
A way of reporting claims as they are registered, distributed and paid over a period of time
Claims Loss Triangle
Advanced Web-based tool to create List, Crosstab and Visualization Reports of relational or dimensional data
You should limit the use of this in your reports because it functions like a DBR. Use DBRW instead.
If used, this should be the FIRST LINE in your rule file, even before SKIPCHECK
Helpful online tool for comparing text files
Diff Checker
First name, was set to travel on Titanic but KISSED his ticket goodbye because he got called away on business
BIHINTS has LOTS of helpful information, including THIS Primer which explains a widely used query language
Go here in SharePoint to get smart Resources!

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