A spherical object orbiting sun and has cleared the neighborhood
The spherical path a planet rotates around a sunOrbit
A ball of rock, dust and metal covered with thick layer of ice
The tail of a comet is called the ----
An Asteroid but much smaller
The nurseries of suns
The distance from the earth to the sun is called the ----------- unit
The distance the light travels in a year
A collection of millions of solar systems is called a -------
The planets which are located outside our solar system are called ---------
The galaxy we are at is called ----- Way.
The closest sun outside the solar system is called -------- Century
A collection of many parallel universe is called the -------------
A place where even the light can't escape
black hole
Stellar ---------- is used to measure distances less than 100 ly
A pair of stars orbiting a common Centre of mass is called a -------- star

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