This was the location of Maurice and Laura's first lunch
Maurice's home for a good portion of the story, the place Laura went to speak to his family
The Bryant
The name of Maurice's deadbeat father, pronounced the same but his parents did not know how to spell it
Maurice request his lunch to be in this when Laura offers to make it for him
Brown Paper Bag
A part of New York that Laura lived in with her family
Long Island
Laura's workplace when she first met Maurice
The drug that Maurice's mother, Darcella, was addicted to
Laura's raging, unpredictable, alcoholic father's profession
Laura and Maurice's favorite thing to do after dinner at her apartment
Bake Cookies
The name of Maurice's kind but concerned teacher that warned Laura not to just walk out of Maurice's life
Miss House
Maurice's favorite thing about Anette's house
Big Dinning Room Table
The disease Laura learned her mother was ridden with after her divorce with Kevin
The longest amount of time Laura hadn't heard from Maurice
Three Years
The nickname for Mauirce's first born son
The man Laura married that put his foot down to the though of having a child with Laura
Laura's brother Frank joined this in hopes of changing his life around
After an incident in his childhood, Maurice says he would like to be this
While trying to pursue a career in criminal justice, Maurice decides to go into this business
Laura and Maurice were baking a chocolate cake when Maurice learned how to use this
Maurice's father died of this
Grandma Rose was secretly this
Drug addict
The name of Maurice's wife, in which the two have seven kids
The bible verse Maurice read to Darcella in the hospital
Psalm 51
how long after Laura's fiftieth birthday did she divorce
one year
The one thing Laura really wants to do with Maurice and her family
go on a cruise