Adult beaver fur that was used to gauge the values of other furs and as a currency at HBC posts.
Made Beaver
A trade company which had posts throughout Rupert's Land. Also the oldest continuous corporation in the world.
Hudsons Bay Company
A trade company which had many posts on the western side of Canada and dealt directly with their native trading partners.
North West Company
Land that had rivers flow into Hudson’s Bay.
Ruperts Land
A long decorated pipe smoked by the Native peoples representing as a token of peace.
Peace Pipe
A way of transportation used to cross waters.
A boatman employed by the fur companies in transporting goods and passengers to and from trading posts.
A store or small settlement established for trading, typically in a remote place.
Trading Post
Led the first Spanish expedition of the west coast of Canada to map the coastline.
Juan Perez
The hair that covers many animals. It is often used to make clothing.
Proved the Northwest passage did not exist on his third voyage.
Captain Cook
A staple food for fur traders that was a nutritious mixture of buffalo meat and fat.
An explosive powder used for firing ammunition which was sold at trading posts.
A quick battle between the British and French for the land and control over the fur trade in Canada.
Plains of Abraham
A fortress located in the Gulf of St. Lawrence. The first part of James Wolfe’s three part plan in winning the Seven Years’ War.
A disease caused by no consumption of vitamin C for a long period of time.
The infectious lung disease that James Wolfe suffered from in his last few months.
The military commander who led the French in the Siege of Quebec.
7 years…Also known as Queen Anne’s War.
Seven Years’ War
Led the British in the Siege of Quebec. Died during the Battle on the Plains of Abraham.
The land that is now Nova Scotia. Its citizens were removed from their homes in 1755 by the British.
What the HBC called their posts.
A plant that was used for smoking. It was sold at trading posts.
Brazil Tobacco
A weapon that fires off shots using gunpowder.
The action of finding and killing animals for food and other needs.
The third part of Wolfe’s attack. It is now a French speaking province in Canada.
Was captured by the British to cripple the French fur trade.
Ohio Valley
A powerful country located in Western Europe. Their soldiers are known for wearing red.
The country that Paris is located in.
A country located in North America. The land is heavily forested and the winters are cold.
The first and most important HBC post. The fur shipments were sent to England from here.
York Factory
The original inhabitants of a land.

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